Printed on sleek padded fabric, this Spamghetto Sleeve fits snugly around your [device name here] and keeps it safe.
The patterns are generated by a custom software, which feeds on those unwanted emails that tease you with offers of health, luxury, love... and all of our most deeply human desires.
A new meaning for 'Spam Protection'.


Spamghetto is not like your grandma's wallpaper: printed on non-woven fleece made with FSC-certified cellulose, Spamghetto is easy to apply since does not need soaking time, and can even be reused.
Spamghetto wallpaper will soon be fully available on Better Nouveau, with brand new customization features.

About Spamghetto

Spamghetto is the inappropriate, intriguing, irresistible spam-based pattern that turns the bad ideas flooding your inbox into patterns of insight into the human nature.
Awarded with a Silver at the ED-Awards 2010, Spamghetto has been published in many books and magazines.

Designed by ToDo

ToDo is an Italian next-gen design studio setting up play dates between code and craft, accelerating development cycles. ToDo creates unique, one-time products with a knack for generative design and non-standard aesthetics.

Generated, not made Spamghetto pattern
Superior grade
food for thought
Spamghetto pattern
Spamghetto Spamghetto pattern
The fruit of a beautiful combination of software and spam Spamghetto pattern
an award-winning pattern created by Italian designers Spamghetto pattern
Show it off on your walls and on your 'iTech gear' Spamghetto pattern